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Nicolai’s sores

In the words of Nicolai …

“The first sore I felt was the bottom one (right heel of his foot) at De Hoop.  At first it was like a cut and then it was sore and swollen.  Eventually it started filling up with puss.  This continued whilst we were in Cape Town.  At Cederberg it got really bad. 

Mom's hospital bed at Cederberg

Mom made a hospital bed on one of the tables and squeezed out all the puss.  This was very sore, and I screamed AAAAAAHHH!   I begged her to stop.

We wanted to go for a walk to the waterfall, but I could not put my foot flat on the ground because it was too painful.  By this time there was a second sore on my hip.  That night mom had to squeeze my old sore on my foot again because there was more puss.  My Dad told me to bite hard on a  towel, while she did this.  This did help but it was still sore, and I still shouted AAAAAAAHHH!.

After squeezing the puss out we put cream (Biocort corticosteroid cream) on.  The next day we went for the walk to the waterfall, and my foot was better. 

Each night my mom would dress my sores.  I asked Archangel Raphael to make my sore better.  I did not like my mom touching them, and more of them seemed to be coming up (there were 8 in total that came up).  By the time we got to Ai-Ais, the one on my hip was humungous with puss.  I had not shown my mom for a while because I did not want her to squeeze it and Raphael was looking after it.  He made lots of puss come out easily without squeezing after my swim at Ai-Ais swimming pool.

My mom took me to the doctor at Windhoek.  The doctor said that the sores were spider bites, but the infection was causing them to swell up.  The doctor said to not touch them but instead gave me muti (a course of anti-biotics & Fucidin were prescribed).  These tablets were disgusting.  My mom would have to cut them into 8 pieces because they were so big.  I put them at the back of my throat and went ugh, and swallowed them with some juice.

I have now finished my muti, there are no more sores coming up, and I feel much better.  Thank you Raphael and Mom for your help.

Joshua, thank you for your message.  I miss you and my other friends so much.  I miss playing cricket and other sport with you.  This is a picture of my sore which Danica took to show you.”


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